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Thanks so much for stopping by my shop. 

My shop motto is Saving the World One Handmade Item At A Time. 

How do I do this? By being committed to recycling/repurposing/upcycling in my creations, and by donating a part of every sale to various charities. Each item has its donation charity listed on the individual listing.

My quilts are made from scraps, often given to me by other quilters from their leftover projects. What I cannot incorporate into quilts for people, I use to create patchwork quilts for cats (and other pets).

I hand quilt all my patchwork quilts, including the ones for cats. And each quilt I make is one of a kind.

My dolls are all made from upcycled t-shirts. This started as a way to use those old t-shirts that were too worn for the donation bin, but that I wanted to keep out of the landfill. My dolls have also given me a way to celebrate my nerdiness by creating fandom inspired dolls. 

Thank you again for visiting my shop. Your patronage of my shop helps us all work together.

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